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Heidi Klum is engaged This is a wonderful diamond ring!

Heidi Klum go back to the altar, this time to reach the hand of her boyfriend, German musician Tom Kaulitz. Through his Instagram account, supermodel The 45-year-old announced the release to the public only a few moments before the 29-year-old asked the expected question. I said yes, Heidi wrote as a title displaying the impressive diamond ring that his hand now loves.

A couple of months ago they both started to leave. They were connected for the first time in March and have since fallen in love. Only in April last year they were photographed on vacation together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At that time Heidi I was topless and looked super comfortable in front of Tom without shirts. They were also seen passionately kissing in a hot tub so that they definitely seem to have strong feelings for each other!

Remember that hostess on television was married in the past with Seal, whom he divorced in 2014. Prior to that union he was with the stylist Rick Pippino from 1997-2002. While Tom recently married Ria Sommerfeld and divorced the same year. This is the third marriage for Heidi and the second for Tom. She also has four children: a daughter from a previous relationship with Flavio Briatore and three other children from her marriage to Pale.

Recently Heidi reveals the secrets of her beauty and is that age is not synonymous with aging for the supermodel. Just seeing her is to realize that for 45 years she can see herself as she wants, all thanks to diets, healthy life and, of course, some products that can not be lacking in her routine and that help her continued to look young and perfect.

According to her, the sport (any) is essential to get his look and hold the figure, but also remember that it is the mother of four children's task for nothing simple. Even she finds the way and has the secret formula to look like twenty years old.

But its secret is nothing special, because it is a string of low costs or low prices of products that help keep the freshness and luster of her face. For several years, she used a humidifier by Mario Badescu and became his ally to be always radiant. "I do not use a lot of products, but I love the Badescu sour cream, it leaves my skin heavily hydrated and does not fill the pores, when I use the more expensive creams, I get red heads in the end," he said.

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