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Health care of Carlos Billeardo – 07/18/2015

Although it was not yet an official medical part, sources close to Carlos Billardo confirmed that the health of the former National Coach coach, which was highlighted at the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, worsened in recent hours and his condition would be serious.

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On Narigónwho have Hakim-Adams syndrome, is admitted to the Argentinean Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT).

Billardo, 81, he heals from June 2018, when he had to operate at the Clinic Fleni with ventricular dilatation, the product of this neurodegenerative disease that affects older people, mainly men.

Among other things, this syndrome, also known as normotensive hydrocephalus, causes memory disturbances and stability. From that moment, on Doctor He went through a series of operations and remained in rehabilitation.

Bilardo's last public appearance was on April 9 this year, when he received the visit of many world champions in Mexico in 1986.

On Narigón He ate a barbecue with Neri Pumpido, Oscar Ruegeri, Oscar Gare, Hector Enrique, Julio Olatiricoho, Carlos Tapia and Ricardo Giusti.

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