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He was 23 years old and dreamed of being a world champion, but the tragedy ended her life

December 31, 2018

Yazmin Marzo studied to be a physical education teacher and was called "El Huracan". He died of an overdose.

Jasmine March I was 23 years old and I was a third of a family of five brothers. Initially from Villa Maria, Cordoba, she was always interested in martial arts, and after passing through kung fu and boxing boxing, she devoted her to boxing, where she hoped to become a world champion.

The Hurricane, as they called it, traveled 150 kilometers a day to get from his hometown in Cordoba Capital, where he is trained. However, the victim who laid him in his career did not go alongside his addictions, and in 2016 he went into treatment to rehabilitate and get out of his illness.

Life on Yazmin He seemed to be on the right path again. In April this year he participated in the Alta Gracija National Championship and was the champion, and then hung the loop that was empty at the provincial level in the 69 kg category, after winning with a unanimous decision by Cordovan Alexia Gigenna. However, its improvement was only a smoky air that later resulted in suffocation.

Despite the successful present that lived above the ring, there was constant relapse under the ring. "We got a jar after her request for help and we made a remarkable change, we started boxing, teaching and studying. We were happy with what I lived. But there are people who seem to be treated and never definitely"Said Dr. Julio Tabarez.

Early in the morning on Saturday, Claudia, her mother, heard strange sounds in her house. When he got closer to the bed Yazmin She discovered that her daughter was attacked and immediately moved to the Pasteur Regional Hospital. However, the 23-year-old girl was killed in the car when she went to the hospital with a heart attack.

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