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He wanted to steal the car and the owner handed it over

A woman killed a two-year-old boy playing on the beach.

Rosario Driver ran and killed a thief at one of the entrances to Rosario. The event took place in full Christmas, when four criminals tried to stop a car traveling with Avenue Circunvalación, on the top of the highway connecting the city to Buenos Aires. The driver rushed to escape and ran over a 19-year-old boy who died on the spot.

The Rosario prosecution announced that the attempted robbery and subsequent rage occurred at noon, when the approaches were filled with vehicles, as happens on the eve of every Christmas lunch. In the middle of a rush hour, four tried to stop and get on the car. But the driver did not stop the march and hit one of the thieves, identified as Jeremiah Espinoza.

The boy lay on the asphalt and could not be recovered from the doctors who arrived at the site. The driver fled, but a few hours later he appeared at a police station. After the verdict, the 65-year-old was acquitted by public prosecutor Walter Jurado of the Innocent Homicide Department, who was in charge of the investigation.

According to the testimonies of some witnesses, the victim belonged to the group of people who tried to stop the vehicle for theft. After the fact, the staff of the Radio Electric Command arrested three other people who, in principle, would have been involved in the incident.

The prosecutor ordered an intervention by the Bureau of Criminal Investigative Police (PDI), expertise in plaiting, photographing, removing traces and reviewing security cameras in the area. It is not the first time that a similar event occurs, because complaints of this type of robbery in that area of ​​Rosario are accumulated during the months.


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