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He stole cables and an officer in Japanese clothes killed him with a punch in his forehead – 12.09.2013


Victor Rolando Soria, 38, lived in the neighborhood of Ciudad Evita in Cordoba for several years. He was moved to his family from the villa Capulo de la Esperanza. At dawn on Saturday, a police officer killed him in the forehead. What is the officer's version? That he was "stealing cables." However, prosecutor Patricia García Ramirez asked for his arrest and arrested a member of the Gustavo Fabian Rivero River (41).

The agent was credited for "aggravated murder due to the use of firearms and as a police officer"

The place where a police officer killed a man who stole cables in Cordoba. Daily voice of the interior.

The place where a police officer killed a man who stole cables in Cordoba. Daily voice of the interior.

According to the newspaper The voice of the interior, There was Sarria background for theft.

The incident was spotted at two o'clock on Saturday at the corner of the Sabatini and General Savio Airports (on the road to Interfabrikas), in front of the railway, between the Ferrera and San Lorenzo settlements, southeast of the city of Cordoba.

Rivero told his colleagues that he was caught that everything happened while the colleague was waiting to go to work as an additional service at the wastewater treatment plant Ciudad de Miss Suenos. At that time, he said, he noticed two men trying to steal cables from the railway.

According to him, he identified himself as a policeman and one of the alleged thieves fled, and the other progressed and a fight arose.

Rivero, who serves at the 5 ° police station, said the young man wanted to grab the gun. In that circumstance, according to his account, the policeman hit him on the head with his 9 mm gun from Bersa Thunder and the shot "escaped", who hit Sarria's forehead.

According to one researcher, "there was cable theft", but there are doubts about the version given by the agent, so his arrest was ordered.

It is not the first case of the alleged "activating light" that has been published in recent days in the city of Cordoba. Prosecutor Gustavo Dalma dismissed Officer Ramiro Emanuel Caceres (25) for "Excessive murder in the execution of the indictment", As part of an investigation into the crime of Marcos Soria (32), which happened two weeks ago in the neighborhood of Obispo Angeli II, south of the provincial capital.

Soria, a militant of the Confederate of the Popular Economy (CPEP), died after receiving two police bullets in the midst of an operation that still has several doubts.

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