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"He sent me a video and stayed again …" Belen Francesce attacked La Casa de Papel's "Arturito"!

The model attacked the actor after the confrontation they had.

After a confrontation with the model with actor Enrique Arce, known for Arturo's role in the "Paper House" series, he explained the reasons for the fight. "It's funny, disobedient who came to our country, he wanted to use me for the press and it was very hot. He invited me to a hotel when I wanted to meet another person, "he said.

"That's why I have so much anger. It was totally bad. It makes me abuse my power and I can abide by it. It took me a lot of time on Instagram. I wanted to get in touch with Spain, "he said, making it clear that he still had the video the actor had sent him and continued threatening messages that he wanted nothing to do with the tone.

“The first day we met, I was bullied; He asked me to get in on the mask because he couldn't walk down the street. I did it and laughed in the face. At dinner, I saw a very deadly, total fear, because he didn't let me order food, he asked for pasta from pasta, looked at the prices and made a disagreeable comment when I stopped to go to the bathroom. He asked me if I had implants! "Bitterly said.

"Later we went for a drink and because I didn't want to be associated with it, I told him Hannibal Pachano and a friend to accompany me. The next day he sent me a video of him in Jacuzzi where I guess he was naked. He threatened with me, told me I would have trouble getting into him, "the artist concluded his horror story with the Spanish star.

Recall that Arce posed for a photo with Rodrigo de la Serena and from a follower commenting on the relationship they both had with Belen Frances, the actor responded: "We both have a better taste, my dear, and we prefer cat dogs! "He started. However, few complained about these words and did not share the attitude of treating women that way. So far the actor has not apologized or addressed the topic.

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