Sunday , August 1 2021

He said he was against vaccines

Always controversial and controversial, Juan Viale addressed a relevant issue in society and did not have half the measures, except the consequences that her words have later and what they think of her. After acting in a huge scandal when she was declared a non-feminist, the actress will be the center of another debate: vaccines; Yes or no. His answer is negative and has a connection with a certain vision of medicine. Their advantage is natural and their children, Silvestre (10) Ali (6) and Amber (16) have vaccinated them recently.

Juan spoke about the matter in a note with La Nación and noticed the possibility of being "barking from all sides" of her vision. He said it was not in the benefit of the vaccines and explained why: "I have a more natural attitude, I want homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine and I realize that when the body gets sick, it's not accidental, it speaks and we must pay attention because it is a way to is manifested. If I have a fever, that's because the body is struggling with something, so I do not take a cure for fever. There are processes that I want to live and feel. "

This naturist perspective is also reflected in food. Juanita is a vegetarian for six years, as well as Amber, the daughter of Juan de Benedictis. Males, the fruit of the relationship with Gonzalo Valenzuela, consume some kind of meat or fish.

However, with the boys he could not maintain his position against the vaccine. "I have now vaccinated them before I did it, but I agreed that since I am not, it's them, and we live in a society in which we all do not understand and sometimes we have to adapt. "

It is unclear what happened, but one possibility is that schools usually require an up-to-date vaccination schedule At the time of the student's admission and the actress had no choice but to give.

Beyond what the granddaughter of Myrta Legrand says, in Argentina, a viral triple vaccine is compulsory (against moccasins, mumps and rubia); Triple bacterial cell (for dysteria, tetanus and cough of Convuls) and Sabine (against poliomyelitis). Since 2017, two new doses have also been added: the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus in men aged 11 years and older, and the meningococcal, which prevents meningitis after three months of life.

Finally, in the note, he said that he also believed in "the energies, the moon, in the behavior of the planets, in the water, in calm, in what attracts and refuses, in the light and in the dark."

Last November, Viale was the title when she said she did not consider herself a feminist because she did not believe in equality between men and women. "We are not a mass, we are not a herd," analyzed. These sayings were rejected by feminist referents, but Viale did not retreat: "I do not go with any flag, because I do not feel that we should have it, it is not a matter of gender, but of human beings, conscience and understanding. and do not need slogans or flags, I have never been interested in any kind of belligerence. "

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