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He revealed to WhatsApp that Dad had a girlfriend: look at his letter

Monday, December 31, 2018, 15:07

The larger woman shared the text she wrote in 2013, when everything happened.

It's not easy for some children or adults to find that their parents are transforming their lives with new partners. Some choose indifference, distance, but others are a bit more dramatic, like Candela, who in 2013 revealed that her father had a new girlfriend.

What did you do? He wrote this letter in Violet's personal diary. Now, five years later, he found it and shared it on his Twitter account @louistkarlas.

"My father lied to me, he said that there was no girl and could not imagine, I checked WhatsApp and he had one Paola and said" love. "I'll start lying to him while lying to me," the girl writes. with some mistakes.

That was not all. First a threat came. "From now on I will never talk to you." And then his plan to unmask: "Today I will risk what I call. I'll call him hello, I saw your governor and one Paola says love when you think you're telling me a liar."



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