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He killed a dolphin in danger of extinction, he walked on his ATV and ate

The case caused a concussion. Gabriela Vascochinic, a neighbor of Coronel Dorrego, a city in the southern province of Buenos Aires, has posted two photos on Facebook's account: injured dolphin, bleeding, four-wheeler, in a planned context. In her post, the woman convicted a fisherman in the area of ​​displaying a dying animal as a trophy. The pictures were terrible.

"After killing him and leaving him bleeding to take photos, he went to the dolphin through the coastal resort of Marisol to ATV," he explained in a conversation with local media. In his declarations, he assured that the witnesses confirmed that the man had killed the dolphin with a hook for a boat and that he then traveled the entire beach, praising his captivity.

"This happened at the mouth of the Quinen River," he said, "several people who were a few meters from this man wrote to me right next to the mouth of the mouth, and they saw him when he killed the dolphin with the box of the ship. to see that the animal was injured and there were nails in the back, except that it could reach the shore, because he was ill, his death was not natural, "he said.

The woman pointed out that the man who convicted him published his photos on his social networks, but later erased them and spread the images for a just cause. "I have set the photo to be conscious, because it is in danger of disappearing, I am against hunting. There is no need to kill or take dead pictures, nor do they ride a bike along the beach. "His publication caused a widespread outrage that led to the intervention of the Provincial Directorate for Flora and Fauna, which revealed that the parks of the province were sent to the area to investigate the animal abuse case where they worked for an offense.

The fact gained international significance. The fisherman was found: his name is Ruben Vicente and was born in Oriente. In dialogue with Lu24, radio from Tres Arroyos, gave his testimony: "I went fishing in La Boca as I always took meat." After a while I had a big pit, thinking that it was a tailor, took me to the side of the river. I fought for some time and after 40 minutes I took it near the shore, the fish was not good and I could not get it out, and lately I took it down and I got stuck. and again faced the bank, I tried to leave it and throw it into the water twice, but it took 10 minutes and it was still there, so I took it. "

"It's not like they say I killed a dolphin, I did not go through the city, I took it to my house and it happened," he apologized. "Three days ago they saw it, it's a fish that does not get to the shore, when I saw a tail I think it's a shark, I want to make it clear that it's not a dolphin, it's a family, I want it to be clear, it's a predator, and that's it in disappearance, but that was not the intention, the police came to my house, pressed me, the La Plata's OPP came to see me, "he added.

OPDS is the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development. The entity has confirmed that it will enforce a sanction for a fisherman who "can reach one million pesos" and reported that in the coming hours he would intervene in the fauna of the nation, according to the agency's prevalence Telam. As Ruben Vicente explained, what he caught is a dolphin from the Franciscans' family. Martin Boccachi, Undersecretary of Environmental Planning at the OPDS, said in a statement that he was "of species at risk of extinction protected in the province of Buenos Aires and declared a natural monument, the highest category of conservation"

The agency reported that joining is the main threat to the species: between 500 and 800 samples die in Buenos Aires province for these practices. If their hunting remains, the population may be gone by 2050, as warned by experts from the ODDS.

The man said that his neighbors had smashed him for free, that no one came out to defend him and that he did not like the way they were treated. "This made me feel bad, I was supposed to come in hiding and leave him to lie, but is already nourishing and the remains were thrown into the sea. I have nothing to hide. It was an accident, "he admits.

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