Sunday , April 11 2021

"He has no political vision" The pie

The head of the federal perronist bloc in the Senate and presidential candidate, Miguel Angel Piketto, revealed yesterday his anger with Roberto Lavanga, whom he worked with several days ago. "Roberto Lavana is a highly respected economic figure, but he has no political vision and practically disintegrated the federal alternative space," he said, without anesthesia, in a conversation he offered at Rotary Club in Buenos Aires. The senator claimed that he had taken "an effort" to build an alternative peronical space and questioned "the lack of political vision for some people." The pie acted as a kind of campaign manager for the former minister of economy. Even many political meetings with the leaders of other forces were held at the place where the Pigeon was opened on Avenue Belgrano. "In politics two plus two are not four. There can be no rigidity," he said yesterday and said that Lavanga should be more generous to recognize the "legitimate ambitions" of other candidates. In the review, the head of the bloc's senators took care of Sergio Massa. "He also sees the path he will take, which also adds uncertainty in space and there is no conviction to have a scheme by the center that can gravitate after December 10 in the assembly of state policies along with the one to be elected "she cited. He also insisted that Alternative Federal would "have political representation" when he confirmed his nomination and that of Salta governor Juan Manuel Urtubay for PASO in August. Pische also warned that "it was not possible to determine the space of democratic, intelligent preliminary parties that opposed the Kirchner space finger using methods for which even the Mexican PR did not use." The famous theme of the grandfather, who was the way the outgoing president in Mexico chose the one who entered. "

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