Friday , June 18 2021

"Having Cristiano, with so many goals, is an asset"

Technical Director of Juventus, Massimiliano Alegre, spoke at a press conference in front of his team's significant collision before Atoll Madrid from "Chulo" Simeone for the rematch of the last 16 at Champions League, to be played this Tuesday at 17 (Argentina).

I saw the best phrases left by Allegri before the "final" against Ally:

– I do not know if it's harder than raising 0-3 against Real Madrid, but we must know how to change the fate of the party"

– It was an exaggeration to think he can play (Douglas Costa), he can not force after a workout, he can play a few minutes, but better to realize today than tomorrow. "

"I will not say that (Paolo Dibala) is played or not. With this new Douglas I have to evaluate who plays on the bench. After the last morning training we will see if (Miralem) Pjanic replicates what he did in Naples. "

– "El Attico is a team that won three League Europe and played two finals of the Champions League which almost won. but it's a strong team. Tomorrow we must be up to the task and we will do it"

– "I do not want to talk about the futuretomorrow is an important game. I do not know what to answer. I keep repeating the same thing. We're trying to reach the goal. After tomorrow we can think about the future ".

– "I define it as a match from the eighth round. It can not be that of the year, we are destroyed. You need to be calm. Do it better, try to change the result. If we continue we will consider what we need to do for the rooms. "

"The truth is that in the first part we played well, after the cross, we thought maybe the danger passed and loosened, tomorrow we have to put our quality, more aggressively and faster, that fans do not support."

– "Everyone must do what they know how to do it, trying to do what they know, without stopping with difficulties, playing 90 or 120 minutes, no one can give 110%. You must leave the court with nothing to shame. The defense does not change much three, attitude must be different. "

– "Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who has so many goals in the Champions League that his advantage is an advantage. Maana is an important match. He is very excited. He played only five matches. "

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