Tuesday , July 27 2021

Hantavirus: will now isolate neighbors in Epyen


It deals with those who have had the closest contact with any of the 13 confirmed cases. The idea is to prevent infection from person to person. Health teams will remain in the site until the epidemic is over. The craft festival was delayed and they guaranteed that the purchases were there.

Health work continues in Epirus because of the sanitary alert before the outbreak of the hantavirus. Health Minister Adrian Pitsi conducted a series of activities together with the Culture Secretary Matthias Kutro; the mayor of the city, Antonio Reatto; responsible for the Esquel Program Area; sent by the National Health Secretariat and responsible for the Biological Retention Department of the Malbrun Institute in Buenos Aires, Alexis Edelstein.

Before the conversation about the neighbors there was a press conference. The minister described the hantavirus epidemic as "a unique and extraordinary event, with atypical behavior of this disease, because it is endemic in the province and we are used to it more than 20 years ago. But it took certain features, and this takes our moment after a moment we analyze what happens, and take definitions. "

He noted that "we have the whole sanitary structure of the country, and there are many people who analyze this situation, in Buenos Aires there are meetings with renowned scientific societies and institutions, such as Muniz Hospital, El Croce Hospital, and the Undersecretariat for National Epidemiology which accompanies us. We receive contributions to this unprecedented situation. "

In Epuyén there will be a permanent presence of an inter-institutional table for unforeseen situations, until the epidemic is over. A biologist from Malbran participated; director of prevalent pathologies and epidemiology of the province, Theresa Stella and Zoñoza de Nassion. On Thursday, they had 12 hours of work and six meetings that discussed strategies and the transmission chain to begin to take measures, such as the selective isolation of people most associated with positive cases.

The minister announced that the mental health team will address the most populous institutions and families. "It's a problem that strikes us as a healthcare system, and we must have a health structure in unforeseen situations." Hospital specialists Zonal Eskel and associate director participated in the meetings to ensure care for people and health care staff. And the nation is evaluating the technologies that will be used at the end. Pizzi communicated with the Minister of Health in Rio Negro, so the province will provide pediatric intensive therapy, if necessary, and the hospital in Barilos is already available.

Pizzi said hospitals in the Andean region have available resources to provide the necessary supplies and that due to job-related injury, it is working to allow the replacement of human resources and healthcare personnel in some sectors.

The postponement of the craft festival scheduled for the city was confirmed for psychosocial reasons. "Mental health noted that the community is worried and beaten by its losses and that the municipality is currently stopped, we support the mayor's decision; when the conditions are there, it will be celebrated."

On the other hand, Strella pointed out the necessary domicile measures to avoid infecting personality to person, minimizing close contacts among residents. "Social isolation" will be carried out, with constant contact with the affected people in their homes. Also, ventilate the rooms, often wash hands, use bleach to clean the home and restrictions on getting out of the house, among other recommendations, such as the use of a beard if you leave the house.

"We need to be more precise in those who have been in contact with patients who have tested positively for hantavirus and who are under surveillance, until they are rejected," he said.

The daily part published 2 cases under observation at the Zonal Eskil Hospital; 13 confirmed cases and 7 rejected. There is a person under observation at the Rural de Epuyén Hospital. There are 3 patients in the intensive care unit of HZE and 3 in the isolation unit.

Mayor Reatto praised the "great entourage of everyone" for Epune and noted that "they are working and doing everything they can to make this end once and for all."

"We need media (communication) to help us reach the community, so that we will know that everything is done. There is nothing to hide," he said.

From Malbrand, Edelstein agreed that "this is a remarkable event" in Epyen, because the one that was presented "is not the transmission mechanism of the normally-known hantavirus; we need to do an epidemiological analysis of cases to change the way this issue is resolved."

"Health systems are based on the circumstances and worked as they should work," he said. "Selective isolation prevents the potential risk, because the portability is low and the community is not exposed at all".

The committee completed its presentation by open discussion with the community, in the parking lot of the local municipal high school, to provide information and answers to the concerns of the neighbors. (Source: diariojornada.com.ar)

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