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Gustavo Silvest defines "Makri risk"

The journalist shelled the Argentinean political landscape and fired at the President of the nation.

He journalist Gustavo Silvestre he handed over his editorial on Tuesday night, rightly so 'Clear Risk' and analyzes the situation of the "Argentine Republic in these moments" because "we saw a President With mood swings. We have seen him dislocated at this time, angry at society, which does not coincide with reality. It was demonstrated at a press conference "on Monday.

"We are in danger of facing the President angry at the reality that he has never taken responsibility for the leadership of the government in these three and a half years and is now trying to blame the government led by Alberto Fernandez. We are facing a president who is paralyzed, without making decisions and provocative, "Silvestre added.

In his analysis, he also said that "it is causing Argentines to blame the 49% who voted for Alberto Hernandez across the country. It causes 52% of Buenos Aires to elect Kikiloff as governor of Buenos Aires province. A president out of reality is a dangerous president. They are provoking society to take the wrong step. We must not react ”

“The trolls simulate the voices of their own servants, so that someone will step on a stick. They refer to cacerolazos that no one has called. They are primed with a climate of disaster in Argentina. And the government is provoking Frente de Todos' candidate, Alberto Fernandez, to pull him out of the very balanced axis to see if they are saying a wrong or desperate phrase. "

The journalist added in his analysis to the C5N signal that "there was a crack in the government coming, but it broke out with Sunday's vote. We have already seen him hiding on a ballot in Buenos Aires Province. On the one hand there are those who think along with Marcos Peña, the president and Karic himself who is all or nothing. There's another wing, Vidal and Rodriguez Larreta, who are trying to campaign far from Macri. And alone, the political wing, Rogelio Frigiero, the only one to resign Sunday, the only one to communicate with Alberto Fernandez. And, we wonder, where are the radicals? They went down. "

"The only risk that exists in Argentina right now is called Makri Risk. Makri's 1,771 risk points have Argentina today, the dollar closing at 58.33. Makri's risk is a world record. So much that this government is talking about and the mouths that are integrated into the world, so much that Venezuela has repeated, that the official journalism chorus has repeated Venezuela, we will be Venezuelans in the Makri era. "

"Venezuela leads the world rankings with 2,000 points in the country, followed by Makri's Argentina with 1,771 points. Self-profiling is accomplished. For those who repeated Venezuela so much like parrots from parrots, there it is. This is the stats to keep you from being fooled. Bakers tell us that a flour mill does not deliver flour, there may be a shortage of bread. There is no reference price, so sales are paralyzed, so Makri produces what many have been talking about: Venezuela. You can't talk about economic measures, there are patches that the government is desperately trying to wait for the monetary fund to order what it can and cannot do. "

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