Friday , April 16 2021

Guillermo Andino was saying goodbye to the leadership of "Immaculate": "For me, this will be an unforgettable experience"

(Video Intrabable – America)

Words are often difficult in all areas of life. However, in the case of Guillermo Andinowho left the ride UnbreakableIt was far from being a moment of sorrow or indignation.

"Gentlemen, to make the homeland is to drive incomprehensible. Thank you very much for the opportunity. I want to thank you. In principle, the channel authorities, yes Daniel Villa, and Marta Buchanan, and Gaby Hochbaum, but to you fundamentally, because when you called me with this crazy idea to be here, during this transition period, in order to support America, I immediately told you yes, "said the famous journalist, accompanied by Liliana Parodi, a program manager for America.

"But in reality now, what we want to do, the authorities, the board of directors, all of us who work here, those who enter. We especially want to thank the guests who were there all this time that not all politicians went out to they speak and we need, but they always need us and they do not always come, so those who surprise us at this stage, panelists, production team, technicians, everything. I came to thank you on behalf of all of them, because without you we could not do it, "thanked Parody..

"And I want everyone to know that this huge man, who is always a young boy, is together for twenty years, and everything that professionalism, that career, that history, that gift of people, that common sense, put everything to make it incomprehensible, all. So, we appreciate it very much, "he said.

"Dr. Will, some time ago, called me to do these words too much and that you know. And that in a television channel, a company, a country, people who are available, the people who picked up their shoulders are those who take it all ahead, because without Guillermo we could not make this transition"he explained with gratitude to his person.

"There is an excellent team, panelists, columnists, as I tell you, you have dumb, it's a phenomenon, it's an experience, I want to tell you something, for me this will be an unforgettable experience, there will be many more projects in America, but also they say Lily, and I want to tell you one intimacy. Adopting my stay here, Uncle, looking at the routine, tells me how you are, the truth, I'm a barbarian, I feel very well. But he felt that he would say something. The truth is, I'm missing out on eating at home. And I added something to you, I began to cry. And fortunately I am returning home today, but with the happiness to be fulfilled, "Guillermo concluded Excited, while a boy appeared behind him with the face and shirt of the Independent, as a final joke.

"What will I do if I always return a little? I had a great time Lily, let's eat now. And dearly sorry that during the course of my stay Academy appeared a champion. Y Expensive, and Sophie, and Vicky and a Ramón, on Monday, your father will have dinner with you, "he said goodbye.

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