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Guichandut replied to Makri | Replica on …

Criminal and Correct Judge no. 62 Patricia Gihandut went to the crossroads of the criticism of Mauricio Macri. After noting that what the Government says about his execution, the judge explained that in one of the cases attributed to him, he had no intervention, and that in other reports that sent him to his court, it was not considered that the criminal had a history. "The judges are not legislators, but system operators and we have the tools provided by the legal system, from which we can not separate ourselves from the penalty for violating the rights and guarantees of the constitutional order," the judge noted.

Makri again intervened in the judiciary. On Twitter, he wrote that "it's a shame case with a judge who redistributed motorcycle dealers with criminal records and a ban on entering the country" and added that "the security forces are doing their work on the street, but with justice as there is no police that reaches" .

The president's goal was Gwichand, who also received criticism from Buenos Aires Mayor Hortio Rodriguez Larreta and his deputy Diego Santilli, who was in charge of security in Buenos Aires.

The judge made a public statement to answer them and gave details of the two cases they indicated. Regarding her intervention after the arrest of Hair Yurado Mora for cell phone theft, the judge noted that the reports of the National Relay Register and the Argentine Federal Police do not lead to "criminal records or proceedings in the process". He also clarified that the National Migration Directorate met with the Morat Jury and at no time did not inform him that they were "due to any obstacles to entry and durability on the national territory".

"In this particular case, the suspended sentence has been approved, bearing in mind that in the light of the evidence in the summary, the conditions for granting are given, since the legal regulations do not distinguish between state and foreign citizens," Gichand summed up.

In the other case, the Uruguayan Antonio José Franco, who was arrested while riding a motorcycle with another man, explained that the judge did not participate. "It's amazing that this tribunal is also attributed to my position of intervention in a crime that will be followed by two citizens, one of them of Uruguayan nationality, the surname Franco, in which I did not have, nor have I any intervention," he said .

In line with his statement that judges are "system operators", Gichandu added: "If it comes to making changes to the law of flagrantity, suspending the trial, applying penalties, changing the rules of criminal policy, it is not the judiciary which can answer this question. "

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