Wednesday , April 21 2021

GTA Online: new missions for the Simeon embargo and more

Rockstar Games presents the new weekly content of the popular multiplayer mode GTA V, this week, with new embargo missions Premium Deluxe from Simeon, new awards of double GTA $ and RP in the series of Arena War and careers RC Bandito. In addition, motorcycle owners will earn a bonus of 250,000 GTA $ for registration by May 1st, along with the ability to unlock the new one. Albany Vintage T-shirt.

New premium racing and discounts

Win double prizes in the following missions:

  • Under the hammer
  • Awake IV
  • Sasquashed

Double GTA $ in Special Cargo Sales

This week, bosses working from their stores can significantly increase their profits by doubling the prize for the entire sale of specialty goods. If you want to start in this world, you will need to acquire an office on the Executive Dynasty's website 8 and a repository to store all products obtained illegally.

Double GTA $ and RP in Arena War series

Get ready and go to one of the Crown Arena series wars located around La Puerta to participate in the Arena War Games regimen that offer double GTA $ and RP.

Double GTA $ and RP in Racing RC Bandito

Give your small engine and participate in any of the 15 RC Racing Bandits, which offer double prizes by May 1st.

Unlock Albany's Albanian jersey

If you are a fan of classic curves, show your passion for the old vehicles and play at any time this week to unlock the Albany Vintage jersey.

Discounts in Arena War

Five of the deadliest vehicles at Arena War are available at a discount of 30%. Also, enjoy a 40% discount on sand, renovation and accessories workshops to refine your new destruction tools.

  • Annis ZR380: discount of 30%
  • HVY Scarab: 30% off
  • MTL Cerberus: 30% off
  • Vapid Imperator: 30% off
  • Declasse Brutus: 30% off
  • Workshop for sand: 40% discount
  • Renovation and completion of the sandwich workshop: 40% discount

Premier Careers

Burn the wheels of your supercars riding on the Los Santos highways and project a gravel on the Winwood race thanks to the outstanding premium races this week. Join the Premium Race from the mobile application for quick game activity or through the yellow crown of Legion Square and you pay 20,000 GTAs to compete against seven other drivers for the podium. The jackpot is 100,000 GTAs, while the second and third prizes are 30,000 GTAs and 20,000 GTAs respectively.

  • April 25: Wiwang Park (Sports only)
  • From April 26 to April 30: compensation for congestion (only for super vehicles)
  • 1 and 2 May: In racing (only for off-road vehicles)

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