Google confirmed in February that there will be a press conference at the next Conference of Game Developers (GDC), an event that usually does not have the presence of a giant Mountain View. They did not specify what kind of announcement they will make, but latest rumors point to a console of its own and a video game service in streaming. On this last, the project is known as Text flow; some lucky people could try it the year before Assassin's Creed: The Odyssey.

Although they were very careful when disclosing information, recently patent registration It gives us an idea of ​​what we will see on March 19th. The first, published only on January 31, explains the reporting system that works from the command. Players can receive messages and warnings, either on an integrated screen or through LED lights around the buttons.

Of course, you can interact with notifications by pressing the assigned buttons. In this way it would be possible to turn on the console, execute an application, or log in to an account. There will be control internal memory to save settings – buttons for changing, sound and brightness of the device – and information about people – names and passwords -.

One of the most striking features of the command is its ability to connect directly to TVs, phones or tablets, which makes us think that the streaming game service will also reach other platforms. There will be no need to gain a console to enjoy the titles, remember that the cloud game processes the processing of external servers.

To complete the explanation of the first entry, the option for Quickly change the device you play without interrupting the experience. For example, if the user plays on the TV, but wants to continue with his smartphone, the remote control can easily change it without changing the game. Yes, much like the Nintendo Switch.

The second patent describes in general how the Flow Project works. Platform can work on different display devices, because they receive only a video signal. On the other hand, users will always control which personal information is stored in the service, as well as the console and the command. On Tuesday, March 19, we will see if patents end up as a reality.