Friday , July 30 2021

Godoy Cruz: started with the Gomez era

Of course Marcelo Gomez was introduced as a new coach of Godoy Cruz.

Gustavo Rogge / Andes

"Black" was accompanied by Jose Mansour and left several concepts at his first press conference. The former midfielder of Velez and Reka stated that he rated many things before he arrived in Tomba and that he was fulfilling a dream: "I evaluated everything, the ideal club is that I can finish my work and contribute to the experience of my years with the youth of Velez. Last year, before confirming Diego Dabove I also had the opportunity to come. From there I followed the campaign. I had the illusion that I was here, "he entrusted.

Gomez thinks that the chance comes at a great moment of maturity: "this opportunity comes at the best moment. It is a moment of maturity. An ideal moment. I was lucky I was directed by an excellent DT. "

"I prepared a lot of time for this opportunity, I guided almost all the categories of Velez, I was a collector, I directed the reserve and I was initially initially. I feel that I have taken all the steps to have this opportunity, not to waste it" He was honest.

Regarding the technical staff, Gomez said he was trained with the most suitable people: "We had the opportunity to set up a technical team of smart people.

Among them is "Paco" Ramirez, he is a guy who will encourage me and will have a similar look at football. "

As for the team, the new coach said: "It is important to keep the base. Beyond tactics, you need to try to define some concepts. Godoy Cruz is a reliable, well-structured team. We will try to include things that are related to the taste of each coach. The idea is not to get out of all the good things you have achieved. "

As for his training, Gomez had excellent career coaches: "I am led by excellent coaches Bianchi, Bielsa, Grigul and Pellegrini, among other things, and from there, he tries to incorporate the best things on each of them and define a profile for a coach. I have very clear what I want. "

Gustavo Rogge / Andes

Godoy Cruz is a team that will try to meet the youth and Gomez, which will be the next line: "The idea is to accompany the growth of the club's youth. I will try to be close to the coordinator and unwind in a reciprocal way."

Copa Libertadores is one of the challenges Tomba will have in 2019, and Gomez will have clear: "At the moment when he participates in Copa Libertadores, the expectations are very high."

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