Friday , May 14 2021

Global Swastika Warning on Google Maps – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

Google Maps has announced that swastikas began to appear in places like Dublin, Edinburgh, Las Vegas and London, among others.

Many went to Twitter to express their confusion. A woman named Kathy, from the capital of Ireland, Dublin, wrote in her report that she saw how the symbol appeared instead of the icon of the bed, usually for the hotels in the application.

The woman told Huffington Post that "I was looking for nearby hotels when I noticed swastikas." "I thought it was very strange, so I picked up a picture from the screen, then I wrote to Google Maps what they were asking for," Katie explained.

Swastika was adopted by the Nazi party in Germany before World War II, and under the leadership of Adolf Hitler became a symbol of anti-Semitism and terrorism. However, initially there was quite another and much more positive significance, for thousands of years it was a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions.

According to the media, the image seen in the Google Maps application is not a swastika but a "Buddhist symbol of worship," so the company allowed users to mark points of interest through that icon. In fact, this icon appears on the list of Google Maps tags as the official symbol of Buddhist temples.

Also, Google reported that these symbols are used incorrectly and appear in some places where they should not be.

"We are aware that these religious symbols are not misrepresented in certain hotels and we are working on a solution to restore the true hotel icon in these places," the organization's spokeswoman said in an email to The HuffPost.

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