Sunday , April 11 2021

Gimes tumbled down the central Argentine and settled in the quarterfinals

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Gimes showed his entire hierarchy with a 4-0 victory over Argentina in the second part of the second eliminatory phase of the Amateur Federal Regional Tournament.

Gaucho came up with everything to take on the role of the game from the start.

In the second minute he summoned Luis Leguiman, who retained Mojano, and nine minutes later the Munge shot out.

The local team dominated the stocks and in the 23rd minute could have put it on the board with the goal of Andres Montiel, who managed to reach the return of Moiano after the Vega header with a penalty of 1-0.

That conquest meant a knockout strike for Albo, who never set out a soul or a soccer match to beat the result.

And at 34, after a great pass from Matthias Kebalos, Claudio Vega defines Modiano to squeeze and set 2-0 with which they rested.

In complement the game was maintained with clearly superior Güemes.

At 5, Leguizamón got a pass from Montilio and was knocked down by Carlos Tevez in this area. Raul Zelaya executed the maximum penalty, but Mojano was left with his shot.

But the midfielder retaliated ten minutes later and scored 3-0 with a real goal.

Wounded in his pride, Albo was looking for the rebate as much as he could, and almost got it for a minute 19 with a header from Facundo Flores that hit the crossbar.

Claudio Vega's goal in the 26th minute just served to decorate the result and to release delirium in La Isla, which is more people excited about the rise of Barca.

Pablo Martell's team in the quarter-final awaits the winner of the key between Velez and Komerc, who are facing this Saturday in San Ramon. In the first part, the fortress was imposed by 1-0.

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