Friday , January 22 2021

Gilmeramina Valdes blamed the "tynyser" tail and came out to answer

Gilermamina Valdes came to the junction of the commentary on social networks for her tail. One user accused her of "tantonizing" and operation, and the model quickly responded with force.

According to what was published by El Tres's website, Guillermo published the news of her commitment to Marcelo Tinelli. However, there were speculations in social networks and did not leave the model. "The line is made, Gilee, it's Tindinizing", wrote a user on Twitter. "There is no heart … I always had enough … and today, I do a lot of squats in the gym, it strengthens my muscles, and that's what you see." Kiss and I invite you one day to train with me, "went to the gate of Valdes.

"I invite all the ladies who are speculating, without being informed, to train with me," Gilerma added to the Instagram stories.

Marcelo Polyno congratulated the model for a categorical response and invited the dancer's jury to share routine in the hall.

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