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Gil Perez: companies, money, passports, mystery and fantasy – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

Nikolos Gil Pereg, Gilad Sarusi, or Floda Revital are the same person. Theoretically, these are his three identities so far known. First, with the name that was put in Argentina when processing citizenship. The second, the one that appeared on the Israeli passport that entered the country on December 15, 2007. The third, the anagram of Adolf Hitler with whom he was summoned when he lived in San Martin and with whom he had an objection against the simple sexual abuse that came to nothing.

In the east, they knew him as Viking. It was presented as Norwegian citizen and to ratify she showed a passport of that nationality. It was strange. It was always strange. Your hygiene problems are not new. And that was one of the reasons why it was not unnoticed. The other, its height. Almost two meters outdoors on both sides. Big and entertaining. That combo made it more than recognizable for everyone.

He had the power signed by his mother to do any financial operations in Mendoza. He succeeded in some sports tennis courts in San Martin, he learned the business and tried – without luck – to build a mega sports complex in Guamallen on a land purchased at Roca Street in front of the cemetery. The same thing that will become the site of the crimes of his mother and his aunt.

There he had several disappointments. First, in the assembly of the structure of the complex. He was a scholar on the topic, he knew the secrets of enlightenment and the importance of having good materials. He invested a lot of money. All in cash. But the plans were diluted with a small detail: they never got the municipal authority to open.

Pereg decided to venture into another area. Selling companies. He found there more than a profitable option. Therefore, his name and the name of his mother are repeated more than twenty times in the Official Gazette of Mendoza. Business, at first glance, seems difficult, even if it ceases to exist if there is an accounting firm specialized in the subject matter.

The Israelites paid very well. It's good that the carriers of those studies even borrowed their name to constitute a directory of those phantom signatures that never had any specific operations; at least not with Pereg as a starter.

The transaction is simple: a formal armament of a company is not a simple procedure; It costs money and, above all, time. If the mechanism is greased, bureaucracy is significantly reduced. To form a company currently has a price close to a taxi for 20 thousand pesos. Selling four months later could mean a profit of 400 percent. And here's a joke. It's a purely speculative maneuver. Someone needs a company to carry out its activities, and another has good will available. Offer and demand.

Pereg learned how to do it and turn it into a profitable activity. However, his picture has never changed. They asked him to bathe, to improve their appearance and his outfit. It is normal to see on the street in the middle of winter dressed in jersey and in Bermuda. He occasionally contacted the Israeli Relief Society to request food. And in his house there was an arsenal of tablets of all colors.

He, apparently, had no financial problems. He bought weapons, ammunition, constituted companies, exchanged dollars and euros in caves in the gallery. The Criminal Intelligence Directorate was warned about this situation. It was clear that he had a certain pathology related to his personal appearance; what he lived in conditions that bordered on homelessness and that nobody understood – even though he was not examined – how he got the Legitimate User Firearms Certificate. They never thought that he would become the author of one of the most terrible events of recent times; not only for the murder of his mother and his aunt, but for the further desecration of corpses. Proposition of money, debts, passage of law, personal conflicts … The motive of double crime is on that side, with a high quota of sadism and perversity.

Argentine, Israeli, Norwegian, and something else. In raids at the address of Roca Street they hijacked several documents; among them, passports from several countries. It remains to be determined whether they are original or counterfeit.

This is one of the points that Pereg awakened certain fantasies among fans of fiction. The other should do more than anything with the prejudices of ignorance. He is represented as a former military or former member of the Israeli forces. The reality shows that he was only performing compulsory military service; something that also happened in Argentina until the decade of '90. Basically, the colimba. No more than that.

Neither is a controlling agent. Although they claim to have an oversimplified IQ and a degree of an electromechanical engineer that is not accredited, Pereg did everything in order when he designed a strategy to hide the death of his mother and his aunt.

He presented the initial complaint by determining where he was. It's logical for researchers. If Israel's relatives of Pyrrhia and Lily warn of his absences, he will automatically become a suspect. In this way, he won only a few days.

After, extreme nuisance. Security cameras in the area have shown that its version of events is a lie. The women never went where he led. His clothes had blood from one of the victims and some cement bags in his house. His traces were everywhere. Pretty improvised for the perfect killer.

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