Sunday , April 18 2021

From the Pepelta, from the parents of Darksiders 3, spare incentives are presented

Let us play a few days before, as a way of early access, among other things.

From Mario Gomez / 6 comments

Residue: From ash

Left: From Ash already has a release date. What's new in Gunfire Games (Darksiders III) will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 20th. A few days after the announcement of this news, the Perfect World talked about incentives for reservation the video game.

Al book Remaining, we will have access to a suite of purchases, armored designs for our characters and a "VIP Review Weekend Access", or what's the same, Advance accessible passage which allows us to start playing before the game goes on sale. While it is obvious that the last weekend, it did not materialize whether to hold just before the game came out or happen in the summer like beta.

It remains: From Ash is a cooperative action and survival shooter that faces creatures of another dimension, The Root, into exciting armor and weapon blades in teams of up to 3 players. It allows us to produce weapons and defensive equipment, as well as to configure the faces of our characters to adapt to any situation. You can see what he looks like on his last thriller.

Mrs. for: Residue: From ash and Fire games.

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