Saturday , July 31 2021

Found in Bulgaria 11 BMW 5 Series unused … with 25 years!

A lot of time is unstoppable for everyone, but sometimes it does not happen so fast for everyone … at least in appearance. This is what happened with these 11 BMWs found, without registration, in a Bulgarian warehouse. It may seem normal to store new cars … but these BMW 5 Series have a characteristic that makes them special … 25 years ago they left the factory.

90s, BMW had in his offer, for some time, with the E34 generation of its average interior, the BMW 5 Series. The E34 generation was a big leap forward in technical and technological conditions, although it maintained a very classic aesthetics that today still appreciates the lovers of the Bavarian firm.

Bmw Series 5 E34 09

According to data thrown from the Internet Autoclub, the car rental company purchased 11 units of the BMW 5 Series to incorporate them into its fleet. For technical needs, these 11 units were temporarily stored in a warehouse in Bulgaria until their registration and start-up, something that never happened.

No, these 11 BMW 5 Series, 10 interior units and one family never stopped in the way because his registration never passed. These 11 vehicles, BMW 520i and 525i separately (and a six-cylinder engine with 150 and 192 HP respectively), they dream the dream for only a quarter century, protected only by plastic plates.

Bmw Series 5 E34 02

Her outward appearance after discovery is not the best, because dust, humidity and dirt are popping up in their bodies, although they all show that with good washing they could return the lost gloss. On the contrary, the premises are completely flawless: wood, plastic and fabrics are in perfect condition after they do not suffer any kind of wear.

Bmw 5 Series E34 05

These 11 units of the BMW 5 Series will never be allowed to travel throughout Bulgaria, as their laws do not allow the registration of a car that is not in accordance with existing pollution laws. Therefore, its destination seems to be Germany, where the classic BMW have a certain administrative privilege. They will be offered for auction in the coming weeks, with a unit price that can exceed 15,000 euros, which is well above the average of the current sex market for this model.

Source: Autoclub

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