Monday , January 18 2021

Former counsel caught charged with causing pregnancy loss to his partner | Chronicle

Christian Savor, aged 29, is a former counselor.

The former San Javier councilor in San Javier, who resigned from the bank after being charged with committing gender-based violence against his 30-year-old partner and causing a four-month pregnancy loss, was arrested this afternoon while traveling to the city of Santa Fe.

Police spokesmen reported that Christian Savor, aged 29, was arrested while traveling along the provincial road number 1, in the height of the town of Helvecia.

Sartor was arrested by order of the prosecutor of the San Javier Prosecutor's Office, Francisco Chekini, and transferred to the headquarters of the XIV regional police unit Santa Fe.

The former mayor has headed to the provincial capital, apparently to meet with a lawyer.

The same spokesman said that tomorrow in time to confirm the hearing will be held, where the prosecutor will formally accuse him of aggression against his partner, although it also proved to have been investigated for having forced him to have an abortion.

The case surpassed this Tuesday, when the mayor of San Javier, Mario Migno, discovered that he himself demanded the resignation of current former counselor Sator, a professor of physical education.

Migno, who belongs to the Civic and Social Progressive Front, said he had removed him from his team because "these issues must be cut off because what happened is unacceptable" He added that the former mayor was not a step away, but more "One Step Out".

In statements by the University of Santa Fe Radio, the head of the communal service said she did not know the details of what had happened, but confirmed that the woman attacked "a pregnancy entering the fourth month".

A police spokesman said the woman, who was employed in the San Javier municipality, was transferred from Guillermo Rousson Hospital on Sunday to a private sanatorium in the provincial capital, where injuries and loss of pregnancy were found.

After knowing what had happened, Maynoon's political team, Miguel, called on Sauron to ask him to resign.

"We knew this yesterday around 7:30 and we immediately met our team and the decision was made to call the person involved, we asked him to resign, which he did", added Mignon, who added that "Now he will have to explain where he belongs, in his conscience and in justice".

The complaint was lodged by a woman's wife at San Javier's Women's Commission and the case went to the orbit of Cecini's prosecutor.

Sartre was elected in 2017 as an adviser and will be replaced by the replacement of Brenda Ramos.
The city of San Javier is the head of the department for the same name and is located about 150km north of the province's capital.

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