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For the first time since he took office, Mauricio Macri will travel to Santa Cruz – 01/03/2015

After three years in office, he plans Mauricio Macri Visit Santa Cruz for the first time, the province operated by Alisha Kirchner, the last bastion K.

This was confirmed by senior official sources, aware of the president's agenda. Although the exact date is not yet closed, the landing will occur within two weeks, before the trip that the president will make in Brazil to meet with new President Jair Bolsonaro.

Trial day It's Monday, January 14th. There you will arrive directly from Villa La Angostura. And then, the idea is to continue to travel to Tierra del Fuego, the other province that Macri did not visit as head of state. If that day is not finally given, the visit will be made around Brazil. "But the decision has already been taken," they confirmed at Casa Rosada. Indeed, this Thursday, the president agreed with his family to use his stay in the South.

It remains to define the city in which to go and the agenda that the president will develop.

"I broke all the records of a president who visited all the Argentine provinces, except one I was unable to," said Macri earlier.

Is that the case of Santa Cruz symbolically: the president was not even during the presidential campaign of 2015: at that time, with the power of K, that journey appeared complicated for a macromash.

Although, in order not to show any signs of weakness, Macri argued the issue of space on his agenda: "The truth is that it is the only area in which we are not going. I had to support him (Eduardo) Costa, but the truth is that he did not give us, the country is very big, "Makri justified in that campaign.

"Going to Santa Cruz was always complicated, we would like to go earlier, now we think it's a good time," Clarin's official sources explained. So much so that in the following days Alicia Kirchner will be notified to invite her to join the activity that, as happens when Makri travels inside the country, will step down between the Secretary General of the Presidency, Fernando de Andreas and the Minister of the Interior , Rogelio Frigerio

He will do the same with Rozada Bertone, the governor of Tierra del Fuego, the other area that still needs to visit Macri.

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