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For Elisa Carrio, Patricia Bulrich "Believe in Bolsonaro" – 01/25/2015

Exactly on her controversial and confrontational style, Elisa Carrio on Friday reviewed Security Minister Patricia Bulrich "Believe (Jair) Bolsonaro", president of Brazil, but warned that she and other Cambiemes leaders would "control" her.

"His management is very good in some matters and returned to others, but always controlled. Patricia's problem is that she can not stand up and believes in Bolsonaro, but we will not be Bolsonaro, "said Carrio.

"If somebody goes hand in hand, we are slowing down first, politics is preventative, you are taking contraceptives if you do not want to have children, and I apply contraceptives so that Bolsanaar can not be born," he said.

In a detailed interview for La Nación +, the Civic Coalition official deepened his analysis of Burik's performance and stressed that "she is a perronist and the pioneer wants everything".

Look, too

The phrase surprised the panel that participated in the interview and immediately explained Carrio: "She's a perronist of character, she can not stop, but she is a very good person and she is honest and she fights."

Anyway, the defendant again against Bulrich was warned that he did not close the relationship he had with former Minister Kirchner Sergio Bernie: "There is an agreement between them, it is clear, I think they are together." Bernie has some guidance in the gendarmerie. Half of the gendarmerie is healthy, and half is corrupt, "he said.

Asked about the use of weapons in the security forces, Carrio said he preferred "the use of non-lethal weapons": "I love the flow of water in the demonstrations. People bathe, do not harm anyone and have to go quietly home. What we have to say is that you can not go on marches and collect the state subsidy. "

Other phrases from Carrio

"People know that I will not break (with Cambiemes), I have lived through every coup attempt in Argentina in the last 25 years, that experience was to come out of the last exchange that took place last year."

"For the second mandate of Cambio we believe that we should go towards simplifying and reducing all taxes, we must reduce labor costs, lower taxes and fees."

"The notebooks will finish well, we will get the prisoner De Vido, and Paolo Roca sits on the bench."

"My health has deteriorated, but I am very happy in the service of justice and truth, in the seizure."

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