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Florencia Pea surprised Laura Fernandez with a sweet gesture

Dancing 2018 left many things for those who took part in the program. There were several meetings between friction and politics. For example, Jimmy Barn became a girlfriend with her partner, Mauro Cayaza. There was also a nice friendship between Jury Lorita Fernandez and Florence Pea.

During the match, the two actresses were many friends and defended from the constant attacks of those who passed the track. And this complicity does not end! Translator of marriage to children he explained through a publication, in his Instagram account, all the love he had taken from his colleague.

After the grand finale of ShowMatch, Peas he went on vacation to the coast to enjoy his family and, by chance, took the opportunity to surprise Ferndez in the debut of Sugar, in Mar del Plata. "Last night, with the family at the Sugar Premiere in Mardel, all geniuses, Larita, I love you, I admire you and give you a strong bank, you have the talent to be what you want to be, without a doubt a great season," he wrote. Color, to a photo where he presents him with a dancer, his children Toms and Juan, MA Juanita Tinelli (Toto's girlfriend).

Also, both were very happy about the press cameras at the end of the event, which was an amazing success! The work produced by Gustavo Jankelevich, with the main roles of Laura, Federico Della and Victoria D'Alessandro reached their expectations and the theater Neptune was full.

Florence Penny and Lauria Fernandez

It should be noted that the artists had previously met, both of which were part of the actors I want to live on your side, one of the first acts of the blonde. However, until this year, such a strong relationship was not born. After spending a lot of time together, the two interpreters defend themselves above all, the claims of Mika Viconton, the controversy with Flor Vijay and even the explosive words of Soledad Fanio.

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