Sunday , May 16 2021

Flora Penya was firm and said why she did not intend to follow Pampita's advice: "She's a model and I'm an artist"

Dancing 2018 as one of the features was the susceptibility of some participants before the return of the jury. And in particular, the revolt was manifested against Flor Peña and Lauria Fernandez, novice in the quartet of celebrities.

In this framework, Caroline Pampita Ardohain suggested that Flor and Lauria should prevail to conquer the site.

Pampita's council did not fall well and Penya explained the reasons why he would never take the recommendations from the model.

"I'm an actress for years, I will not accept advice. I love the advice. Only Pampita gives me advice that has to do with his personality"Explain the actress.

"I love her because she feels no hair movement," she says "I love it, but I put it on 0 & # 39;"Comment Flor." She puts 0, she goes home and nothing happens. I'm guilty. Pampita is a model, I am an artist, "he added.

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