Tuesday , July 27 2021

Flor Vijay said her relationship with Nicholas Kabre ended after the scandal: "Personally, very dry"

Last year, Vigna color he starred in a strong scandal with Laurita Fernandez when posting an image of Instagram on a romantic scene with Nicolás Cabré, your partner in my brother is a clone. This uneasiness modifies the relationship with the actor and makes his transit through the recordings is not quite comfortable.

After the shooting, the actress visited her Los Angeles de la Manna and gave details of his distant working contact with the actor.

"With Kabel, the connection ended very dry, personally, but I have to learn something from it, you can not agree with everyone."

"How did the relationship with Niko end?" He asked Angel de Brito. And she was sincere: "The professional is the word. He finished very dry in person. But something I need to learn from it. One can not deal with everyone. For me it is happening to tell me a person on the street "hey, stupid, good fit", and I'm already bad. It can not happen to me. I have to learn to clean. "

In the concatenation of the facts, he added: "He was my first protagonist, he handed me the main story with him … But, hey, it's good to learn how to do this, find other tools, that's part of the job."

On toast at the end of the year and goodbye to colleagues in his fiction, Flor said he did not say goodbye to Cabra because they worked in different sectors that day: "If we say goodbye?" We had two units, I shot in the other, and He left, but had toast with the whole team … The casting was very close. "

At present, Vijay is preparing to debut One week nothing more, a job in which he shares a poster with Nicolás Vázquez and Benjamin Rojas, in the theater National Insurance Sancor.

Flor Vigna's strong response to LAM about the possibility of re-working with Nicolás Cabré

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