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five years of total glory

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Marcello Gallardo, the most successful coach of River Plate in his history, is now five years old from his first day as the technical director of the club, which won 10 titles, and who also shone in his time as a football player.

"Muñeco" Gallardo put "pilcha" on the DT River on June 6, 2014 and after a short and successful experience as a coach on the other side of Rio de Janeiro in Nacional de Montevideo, where he ended his career as a footballer and continued as a technical director.

Gallardo, at that time at the age of 38, received a call from the river director, Enzo Francesculi, a few days after the resignation of Ramón Ángel Díaz, who left the position of DT on May 25,

"Muneco" had enough conversation with the president of the club of Nunez, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, to reach agreement with a word. At that time, Gallardo decided to return to directing after two years of inactivity after leaving Nacional and having contacts with Racing, and then progressing with Newell, tempted by his friend Lucas Bernardi, the symbol "Lepper" with which I coincided as a footballer in Monaco from France.

"Muneco" was presented by D & # 39; Onofrio on June 6, 2014 and as the team became the champion of the local tournament, the phrase of the new DT "millionaire" was "we need to go more," which would then be historical.

Is it after 30 competitive tournaments, after giving 10 Olympic circles and with a 13-final mark played only for five years, Gallardo broke all the records and marked the history of the club as one of the most important idols. Gallardo had a brilliant first semester with the conquest of Copa Sudamericana after eliminating Boca in the semifinals, awarded the international title of River after a delay of 17 years. Also, He was runner-up in the local tournament. The following year he won three other international titles, among which obtaining Libertadores, which gave him the honor of being the only one in the river's history to raise that Cup as player (1996) and as a coach (2015, then 2018). In addition, two unprecedented events took place in the Gouldardo era, as two Boca Finals were won in the Argentine Super Cup and in Lihantadores in 2018, something that has never happened before, and therefore with its rival's important " karma "He beat his whole life in the National Final of 1976, played on the field and often remembered him.

During his cycle, Gallardo used 87 players, made 30 young debut and was the main driver of an investment of millions of dollars in a project that meant rearranging the site Ezeiza. While the statistics of five years show it He played locally with 177 games with 91 wins, 47 unsolved and 39 defeats, and added 81 matches at the international level, from which he won 43, bound 25 and lost 13.


Millionaire Generated income for $ 111 million with the departure of 17 players, among which are distinguished; Driusi and Alario.

Copper vine. For five years, the River has disputed 55 elimination series, surpassing its rivals on 44 occasions. Effectiveness: 86%.

Absolute record. He is the coach of a Millionaire who spent more time in the club continuously in modern times.

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