Evan Blas, known for his constant leakage at terminals, shares Twitter with interest video on a folding device. Although he can not guarantee the authenticity of this, his sources told him that it's a product created by Xiaomi. The 20-second material is very impressive, because the mobile can bend at sides with total ease.

Another highlight point is great fluidity of the operating system and applications. It was exactly this interface that helped to quickly identify with Xiaomi. The designs of some icons, such as the music application and the photo gallery, are identical to those we can find MIUI. From the location of the watch everything is shown by that device Run Android Pie.

It never stops to wonder how Google Maps adjusts to the screen as it is folded down. The elements of its interface are set in different positions so as not to lose the features. Unfortunately, after folding, it does not return to the original form in the video. Neither the hardware can be seen in more detail due to the conditions of light.

Overlap devices began to have a greater significance since 2018. In November, Google announced that Android will support folded screens. For its part, Samsung introduced it Infinity Flex, a 7.3-inch prototype that can be folded thousands of times before it starts to wear out, it is expected that this terminal will begin commercialization this year with a price above the high range.

Of course, those from South Korea are not the only ones interested in this kind of product. Chinese manufacturers are already working on their proposals. Huawei can present its device at the Mobile World Congress 2019 to Barcelona. Rumors mention they will have an 8-inch screen when deployed, and 5 "when it's not extended. It seems February will be a month of great importance for switching devices.