Tuesday , August 3 2021

Federer: "I love this start of the season"

When Roger Federer The 2019 Diagram puts a special star in January. Is it in the first month of the year, the Swiss must defend the crown of Australian Open. Roger will become the champion in 2018 and will try to repeat the title to start the season in the best way. However, before the contest is held between January 13 and 27 in the same month, the number three of ATP rnking usually appears in Cup Hopman. This opportunity was no exception and, after defeat Stefanos Tsipizas with 7-6 and 7-6, the Fed spoke about a tournament taking place in Australia.

"I am happy, I got to the final, I think I played well and was a fantastic match against Stefanos, it was the first time I played against him, generally I think I can play my game here when you start well. With your service, the track is fast and it's easier to maintain the service, "said the 37-year-old tennis player.

Then, Roger praised Tsitspa and emphasized the quality of the Greek service. "He's a great server, he's good at the corners, and when playing 30-0, you can play more relaxed, look for your best shots, even with the second service." We made a good match without a lot of mistakes. For me, it is to maintain a good level of play, and the truth is that I am happy when it's my game, and the truth is that I was impressed by what I saw from Stefanos, "Switzerland admitted.

Then, the Swiss noted how much it is necessary in his calendar to play Cup Hopman. "The truth is that I love this start of the season, coming with the family from Dubai to Perth, with almost no jetlag, playing one day, and not with another, with that holiday, without having to play several matches in a row, but at the same time knowing that you need to be ready, because the level of players is great, and then you play double-mixed, sensational, and older, and you need to control what surrounds you to be comfortable, and here I am very pleased, "Rogger admits.

Finally, Federer was criticized for journalists who are treating the day of the tennis circle: "I have the feeling that tennis journalism is in a negative context, it always gives the impression that what is being pointed out is the mistakes that have been made, not the whole thing to overcome and the positive things that we do, for example, in golf always see everything from a positive point of view, noting the big bird that's been made and those things, like "he made 25 mistakes." That gives the impression that there is more pressure. "

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