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Facebook's new plan: why you bought a company dedicated to mind control devices – 4/24/2014

Mark Zuckerberg's social network announced today that it has reached a deal to acquire new companies CTRL laboratories, dedicated to technological research that allow computers to be controlled directly by the brain with nerve signals.

The company, which announced the acquisition of its vice president of virtual and augmented reality website Andrew Bosworth, did not detail the amount of work, but specialized economic media CNBC coded it between $ 500 and $ 1 billion.

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"The vision of this project is a bracelet that allows people to control their devices as a natural extension of the movement," said Bosworth, who said New York-based CTRL-Labs will become part of the division Facebook Reality Labs, which, among other things, develops applications for augmented reality.

According to the vice president of social networking, the bracelet will be decoded electrical signals emitted by neurons directed to muscles with commands like "click the mouse" or "press a button" and it will translate them into digital signals that a computer can understand.

"Capture your intention so that you can share a photo with a friend by means of an unnoticed gesture or simply intending to do so"Explain Bosworth.

The Menlo Park-based company (California, USA) has said it expects developing this kind of 'scale' technology and take it "faster" to consumer products.

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Currently, CTRL laboratories are already operational a bracelet with these features that can turn neuronal signals into digital and thus control the devices with the mind, even though technology is still evolving.

The new firm was founded in 2015 by two neuroscience doctors, Thomas Raardon and Patrick Kaifosh, and last February received $ 28 million in funding from Amazon and Alphabet (Google Matrix).

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