Saturday , July 31 2021

Fabin Cubero went with his daughters to see Mica Viconton's debut in Mar del Plata

Micaela Viciconte and Fabin Cubero They started their romantic story in the middle of last year, but they have lightened their romance in March this year. Since then everything has been done together! Even though they have taken things calmly and still do not coexist, they spend a lot of time in support of the other. For example, Fabin was present for several nights in Bailando 2018 and now went to his theatrical debut in Mar del Plata with his daughters!

Last night Gall was photographed at the Atlas Theater where Mika will be on stage to be again part of the show, the love of the magazine, the show that brought together Carmen Barberi, Santiago Ball and Federico. Cubero took the little ones: Indiana, Alegre and Siena (the fruits of their relationship with Nicole Neumann), who were guests of luxury on lace

According to the rumors, the girls applauded with great enthusiasm for his father's girlfriend. And at the end of the performance, the footballer and his daughters went to the dressing rooms to congratulate them swimmer for his performance in his new role. They made a beautiful picture there. And, once again, the picture is a pure smile! Another proof of the stability of the relationship.

Despite all the meditative struggle between the Captain of Entrance, his girlfriend and his ex-wife, the girls seem to have a good relationship with Viciconte. Every time they share intimate moments like picnics in restaurants or their movie nights – all are very happy and it seems to float very good vibrations in the surroundings.

The former participant of the danceat the beginning of their relationship, she explained: I was never very young, but when I go out with someone, that's because I want to give everything. Fabin started very easily, at first we were friends, and little by little happened. At first, I was persecuted because I did not want to be with a celebrity, let alone a football player: I would not want to be marked as a rebel or that the photographer haunts me. But he teaches me to relax and enjoy. "

Cubero and his daughters enjoyed the magazine in which Mika Visconta works

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