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Explosive statements by Paolo Dybala against Jorge Sampaoli

The time has passed, but the wound seems to remain open. Paulo Dibala, a Juventus player and the Argentine national team, hid the silence and revealed how difficult coexistence was with coach Jorge Sampaoli during the 2018 World Cup in Russia: "He is not welcomed," he said.

Dibala's presence in the competition was questioned after Biljana gave a turning-down press conference, which is said to be "a bit difficult to play with Messi," as both shared the same position. The weather passed, clarifying the situation with La Puglia, but started losing ground in the Albaceliste. Finally, he was called.

After the concentration came, everything changed. "I talked to Sampaoli before the World Cup, as I did with all the players, I had that speech there and led me to Russia, but during the match I did not have more communication. He never came near, he never said anything to me. I did not talk to him anymore, "the player discovers in an interview ESPN.

"From the day I arrived at the property until the day we returned to the country, I had no communication. Zero, neither welcomed me"Dybala continue" It's strange because we lived in a complex, we shared the time, we crossed each other many times. It's rare that the coach does not welcome the player, that he does not wonder how he feels. It never happened to me, "he added.

Asked if he did not come close to clarifying matters, he explained: "I did not want to do it after things did not start to get out, it was not easy for him." And he closes: "I do not know if it would be good to get closer, I think there was a distance. I imagined something could happen to me, perhaps due to previous statements. Everything ended in the same way and I went home. "

More clubs for Sampaoli

Dybala was not the only one who criticized the former Argentine national coach. Leandro Paredes was also very difficult with Jorge Sampaoli. "I did not understand and I could not explain what I really wanted, it was very variable, it was not clear, I told you" you have to do it, "and when I did, I asked you" why did you do it. " I did not know very well what I wanted"he ordered the PSG man.

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