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Expected until 2020, expect more investments to serve robot clients – 26.12.2013

In a recessive context, companies are investing more and more resources artificial intelligence to add customers. An example is "chatbots," or virtual assistants, which allow you to act like representatives of customer service in an automated manner without requiring human interaction. "Chatbot" is a "chat" with a robot. The term "bot" refers to the abbreviation of the word "robot".

In Argentina, the use of artificial intelligence is still limited. Only 14% of companies use it according to a survey conducted by And within these tools, the market is focused on chatbots that have proven effective in local pages of, for example, LG Argentina, GM, Falabella, Claro, BBVA and Banco Comafi, among others. Also within the retail market, companies like Walmart have already announced that they will venture to enter this type of application "to improve product search and make recommendations based on the experience of their customers."

According to Javier Goylenberg – Real Trends CEO, Merkado Libre's Merchant Platform Analysis and Merchant Management Toolkit, "talks help a lot of companies that deal with a wide range of issues so they can manage them with a lower amount of resources. "

"In the particular case of ecommerce, you can use phrase books to answer questions in online stores or markets, such as" Do you have actions in that color? " "Or" How long did it take me to Palermo? "to answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that is, a whole year. That response in real time increases the likelihood of transforming the request into a sale ", says the expert.

It is expected that the use of these virtual robots will become widespread in the coming years. "By 2020, more than 50% of middle and large companies will have a product conversation deployed," said Van Baker, vice president of research at the Gartner consulting company.

But not everything is pink in the conversation. While they are "the new ones who loved and enjoyed" the online market, there are those who warn that they are a double-edged sword.

According to Goylenberg, who from his company uses this tool to respond to the use of machine learning, he warns that "if someone wants to take maximum care of the user experience, automated responses or" robotic " they can generate customer losses or discontent. It is ideal to build a mix, where if chatbot is not able to interpret and respond to the request, the user have the opportunity to talk to the man on the other side, so I can quickly commend the case. "

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