Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Even if he leaves with another …", Ianina spoke of Diego Lautor's infidelity

Ioannina Latorre is one of the hottest panelists on Argentine television, which joins Angel de Brito in "Los Angeles de la Manna" and Marcelo Polyno in his radio series. The blonde has no filter when it comes to figures and their darkest secrets, as well as the opinion of everyone's private life. However, she is not afraid to talk about her private life and has repeatedly referred to the disbelief of her husband, Diego Lautor.

At that time, the goddess alive admitted that the former football player had cheated with Natasha Jait and said she was not to blame, but her partner and father to her children, so they should not label it or emphasize that the mistake was on the other side. "I was excited," she said openly on several occasions to the air of LAM and interviews, and admitted that she decided for her family and decided to continue.

Now, she has again addressed this issue that can cause a lot of embarrassment or discomfort, but the media have no problem to comment on this bad situation that has taught many things, as she says. A few minutes before the closing of LAM, Ianina was obliged to make a strong confession of love about the deceit of her husband.

It all started when De Brito asked the two guests of the day, Letizia Bredze and Silvina Escudero, who loved her life. Both raised different views. While the actress claimed she had several loves of her life and noticed that she had a lovely relationship with one of her former boys, the dancer assured her that the love of her life was Mulat, her dog, and her nephew Benicio.

"It's depressing what you say," said Jana shot from her chair at Escudero, while the driver criticized her for launching a "manual answer". Consequently, Silvina clarified that the love of her life was also a few people, but noted that Matthias Alle, Kaetano Teague and German Paolis were not. "When you are younger, you feel love in another way, you are more passionate," the notorious notorious peculiar thing.

To this, Ioannina also wanted to participate, and ended the release of a strong revelation of everything she felt about her husband and father of her two children. "The love of my life is Diego. Although we are separating, he separates, dies or dies, leaves with another and keeps me, it's the love for my life, "she said with confidence. Remember that in 2017 one of the strongest scandals for her came out, as was known that her husband was unfaithful to the deceased media.

Although at the beginning, the journalist of FOX Sports categorically denied that he was the one who played in the revealed conversations that bothered him, after discovering the audio recordings in which he asked Jait "to empty the eggs", he had to tell the truth. And the bomb exploded! As if that were not enough, Natasha discovered that the former athlete asked him to penetrate into a sexual toy, which gave him the name of this disgrace: #PuntitaGate.

Two years have passed since this terrible situation for the most spicy of the "angels" who have affirmed their love for their partner and father Lola and Diego. Although occasionally receives criticism or insult involving this media scandal, the blonde returns to make it clear that beyond any mistake Diego may have, she chooses, above all, storms.

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