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Evangeline Anderson woke up with her bikini photos

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April 25, 2019

The model shares two photos of her Instagram account and quickly praised her followers.

Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson she left Argentina joining her husband Martin Demyshellis in his football career that made him travel to several European countries. However, the blonde does not stop making photographs and continues with his work in modeling.

Family Demikelis-Anderson, After the professional retirement of the former footballer, she is based in the Spanish city Marbella where their children go to school and perform their activities. The model is very active sharing pictures with her children and her husband, but also publishes photographs of her sculptural body.

Evangeline Anderson and Martin Demikelis joined together and woke up sighs

In this case, Evangeline Anderson He published two images using pink bikini on the edge of his house's pool. "In love with spring," he wrote to one of the photographs.

Evangeline Anderson pink bikini
Publication of Evangeline Anderson. (Photo: Instagram @evangelinaanderson)

The second was shared through stories the Instagram, with a background landscape that is spotted from the garden of his house.

Evangeline Anderson pink bikini
Publication of Evangeline Anderson. (Photo: Instagram @evangelinaanderson)

"I am in love with you from birth," "The Most Beautiful Woman in Argentina and the Lesser Problem", "Angel Falling from Heaven", were some of the comments the Blonde received in this publication on Instagram.

The entire act of Evangeline Karroso on the beach

In this social network, the model has more than 1.6 million followers and a few days ago she published a photo where she was seen wearing a striking bathing suit and behind her husband, Martín Demichelis, but he does not even consider it and this has attracted the attention of network users.

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