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Etherborn analysis for the computer

Etherborne is the last mosaic game in which, to find the exit from each level, you will have to violate the laws of gravity. A very well executed idea that surprises at every level. We come to the end of this ethereal tree and tell you our feelings in the analysis of Etherborn.

The statement said Etherborne It is a mixture of SIVO with the Valley of the monuments. If you had to look for a comparison, maybe that would be true, but the difficulty of finding a true reference to Etherborn is what best speaks of him, because it is a very unique game. Even within the puzzles that use the mechanisms of gravity, which are not a bit, the work of Matter changed Highlights There are not many who dare to embrace this concept in a three-dimensional environment, where the ability to expand these gravitational puzzles is as large as the opportunities that do not fit in part. That the player breaks the game.

I do not even want to imagine the amount of team testing Samuel Cohen and Carles Trivino at the moment of designing each of these premises. Square all the blocks and paths so that the player is not able to find himself stuck, while in turn applies a certain logic in each level. Just thinking about it gives a headache, and that's a good example of the planning that should have been done, so everything is closed and without loose ends.

But the real brilliant work for Etherborn is not just that. In many puzzle games, when you find the solution, the challenge ends. If you need to play it again, it would be a practical walk, because you already know the methodology. But here, with the game, there are still problems to overcome some of the levels, repeating them, even to overcome each of them. This shows how complicated it is level, ready to force you to work with a spatial view not with muscle memory. Moreover, if we consider that, once we finish, we will be able to access New Game +, where a series of objects will change the location, changing the order and development of each puzzle and showing that the team is able to continue to twists its formula.

Etherborne … upside downDespite the overwhelming structure, mechanics are easy to understand. We control this ethereal figure that can move around the stage and, most of all, has the ability to jump. The difference is given in the contours of the constructions, which enable us to change the point of gravity. If we try to overcome the wound with a rigid surface, we will fall. So, we will always have to look for these rounded areas to make gravitational changes. In this process, we will have to find the light of light leading to some key points, so that we open the path to continue.

Etherborne analysisThe girth through this tree of life is divided into four levels in addition to our birth, as a tutorial.

There is no doubt, as I say, that the best of Etherborne is that complex level design, which added to the work of art and the music of Alexa Escudero and Gabriel Garrido They print that ethereal character that you are looking for. It is important because it invites you not to leave. For this, even if the puzzle is stuck, you are in a comfortable environment that invites you to try again. Despite the hostility to the challenge, it is impossible not to be misled by the colors and sounds that inhabit this ether. Even the rise and fall of a series of unpleasant blocks, annoying, that prevent you from moving forward, standing on the road, generate a certain harmony in the player in the ringing of each movement.

Etherborn computerThe mechanism is simple, changing gravity when changing the dimension using these curved surfaces.

The best thing for Etherborn is that a complex level of designIn one of the most difficult stages of the game, the one in which all the elements and mechanics have learned are merging and putting you to the test, I was addicted for some time. You should have boarded these black and white pieces that go up and down, but almost at the end of the puzzle, you had to make a little obvious twist. I fell into the trap on the light road that the designer put in front of me. It took me a bit of time to overcome it, but when I did, I missed more of those situations in Etherborn, because the rest of the trip, though a challenge, did not give me so much trouble. Therefore, Although Etherbern takes about 4-5 hours, I think the game is not short. However, it misses many levels, more challenges It's hard not to see the full potential of this idea to create more worlds, with a new mechanism that radically changes the process. It brings you back to that ignorance for the first levels.

EtherborneEtherborn computerFour worlds make up the adventure, each divided into several challenges. We remain fond of more.

There is no doubt that this means that Etherbern leaves you to want much more. Launching in this tree of life is divided into tutorial and four levels, with several different parts in each of them and connected with a voice through which the monologue may be too abstract to connect the player or even what is happening on the screen. This is not the importance of the work, but the way of doing these pieces of "history" seems unnecessary.

After re-examining Etherborn in his New Match +, At some point I get stuck again. How can my mind refuse to find out the impossible patterns and the ways that make up every level of the game. The new locations of light of light, more profound, almost as collecting objects, allowed me to recreate even more in the environment, and even allow imagination to fly to the amount of ideas that could continue to be implemented in its structure. play with time, speed, altered states of surfaces or actors on the stage. But with its four levels it already manages to abandon its quality of quality. Subtle and well-worked. Ethereal.

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