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Especially and enigmatically | Tiny Stochel

Without conflicts: "Everything was settled after a lot of dialogue and with all the love," said the singer.

"The reasons are very intimate, but there was no conflict. Everything was settled after a lot of dialogue and with all the love," ended with the reasons that prompted the end of the relationship with the 21-year-old Spaniard.

Will there be revival? "He knows that we will tell when we need," he said.

Two months ago they were seen together for the last time at the Hipodrom event in Palermo, but shortly after Tiny gave a recital in Luna Park, the absence of her boyfriend was noted.

True to his low-key style and his personal life is quite different from that of other people, despite his popularity, the news was almost never seen before.

Will it be final? This is not the first time that young people decide to distance themselves. Less than a year ago, they announced their breakup, also on good terms. The races of each of them and the distance that separated them during much of the year had to be seen in the decision. Tiny travels constantly and Silva travels between Los Angeles and Spain, where his family lives.

After several months, the couple decided to bring a new opportunity. But that did not progress. Fully focused on her profession, the singer is now in Los Angeles thinking of her new album. On January 25, he will return to the country to present his show at Radio City in Mar del Plata.

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