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End of isolation with hantavirus: Mayor of Epirus withdrew restrictive measures

Epune Mayor Antonio Reatto announced the abolition of most restrictive measures imposed on its residents after the appearance of a hantavirus. In addition, he referred to the "health, social and economic" influence that the disease has.

"The mood of the population is better, and from this Friday, February 1st, we will abolish almost all restrictive measures that were adopted by resolution," the communal service chief explained, banning the ban of meetings, limitation, ineffective. the layout and the use of peanuts in public places.

Thus, the resolution 007/2019 will be modified to condition the conditions imposed at the beginning of January to be more flexible. Before the outbreak of the virus, the authorities of Epyen decided to "suspend all group activities for a period of forty consecutive days".

On the other hand, Rea said that controls in places without ventilation will continue: "We will keep the minimum care of the closed areas about ten days until mid-February, because if we set ourselves as long as we do not go a little longer."

"The problem with the hanta is improving," the mayor said, "and the situation hopes to see it on the street, in stores, in a supermarket, especially since there are no more intensive care patients at the end of the week, many come from selective isolation, and very little will be left for the next week. "

On the other hand, Really complained about the damage caused by the disease: "The impact was first health, then social and, finally, economic, because it affected tourism, which is an important source of income for us and the region as a whole." "The bomb does not hit completely, "he concluded.

After the epidemic reported in early December, 31 cases of hantavirus were confirmed in Chubut. 11 people died as a result of a disease transmitted by the long-awaited mouse.

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