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World Oral Cancer Day

Chaco’s Ministry of Public Health stressed the importance of early detection tests for oral cancer. On the “World Oral Cancer Day”, today, December 5, the Provincial Directorate of Dentistry and the Central Dental Hospital “Dr. Leonor Evgenia Soria “from Resistance, appeal to the population to conduct periodic studies, before the appearance of any change in the mouth. Specialists stressed the need for self-examination, medical consultations several times a year and going to dental professionals for oral injuries.

“Every year, 3,500 cases of oral cancer are registered in Argentina, of which 85% are diagnosed late. it is therefore very important that investigations or checks are done periodically or in case of any doubt. If oral cancer is diagnosed early and treated appropriately, more than 90% are treatable. “However, in most advanced cases of oral cancer, complications and risk cause death, so it is essential to have annual or periodic checkups,” said Alvaro Urbieta, director of the Central Dental Hospital. .

Specialists noted that the main symptoms of oral cancer are wounds in the mucous tracts of the mouth and lips that do not heal after a period of 14 days, as well as colors or changes; long-term traumatic injuries or any kind of oral abnormalities. “Any kind of long-term injury or oral or dental change registered by the patient should be referred to any professional for early diagnosis and adequate treatment. Poor oral status, smoking or toxic consumption, and lack of protection in sexual practices are also factors that may predispose or have a dual effect on the incidence of oral cancer.explained the specialist.

Among the main recommendations of professionals for the prevention of oral cancer are self-examination of the face to detect any abnormality or change, both inside and outside the mouth; proper oral hygiene and regular dental consultations, two or three times a year, and avoid toxic habits such as smoking.

Also, that of the Central Dental Hospital “Dra. Leonor Eugenia Soria ”works with UNNE and the Malbrán Institute on a series of studies related to human papillomavirus (HPV) and its sensations in the oral cavity, through sampling, biopsies and laboratory analysis. “In this region, HPV has a high prevalence rate, especially in the young population between the ages of 20 and 30, due to low protection and care during sexual intercourse,” Urbieta said.

On the other hand, the Center for Dental Care Chaco performs a joint task with the General Directorate of Dentistry at the Ministry of Public Health of Chacho in order to help the population and prevent various conditions that endanger the health of citizens. Иl Central Dental Hospital “Dra. Leonor Eugenia Soria ”is located at Cale Amegino 356, in Resistance, and if you have any questions or concerns, citizens can call 362-4424393 and request appointments for dental care.


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