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Elon Musk thinks that the first Mars Setler can be AI


SpaceX's General Director Elon Mask wants to establish a base on Mars – but he is not sure that his first resident will be a man.

On Friday, a mercurial billionaire responded to Twitter's question as to whether sophisticated artificial intelligence could reach the Red Planet before human colonists. Response to musk: 30 percent.

AI Overlords

The muscles have a full connection with the theme of AI. He is publicly alert to the danger of unregulated AI, even going so far as to find the Open AI organization to encourage the development of responsible machine learning systems.

It's a question with a signature for Musk, which other tech people interfere with in his claims, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who said the idea of ​​AI killer was "rather irresponsible" and co-founder of "Reddit" , Alexis Ohanian, who joked at the event earlier this month, that "Musk" wrote a great scenario for the episode "Black Mirror".

A case for optimism

But Musk also believes that AI can be done to help mankind – or that these two could merge, introducing a new era of evolution.

Or, as the twitter twist shows, it appears that Musk could climb with AI until it could help to extend its visions of colonization of space.

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