Saturday , July 31 2021

Drinking and smoking increase the risk of esophagus cancer

It has just started 2019 and we already have a new item to add to the list of damages caused by tobacco and alcohol. Researchers at the University of Kyoto (Japan) have shown this its consumption increases the risk of developing oesophagus cancer.

How? According to the article published in the scientific journal Nature, the esophagus cells suffer from tumor mutations as we age. Now, this standard process is increasing if we drink or smoke, multiplying the chances of having cancer in that area.

To study it, analyzed samples of oesophageal tissues of 139 patients with and without cancer and searched for the mutations mentioned. They also took into account the consumption history of both substances. The result? Many specimens contained mutations (precisely in a cancer-related gene). Although these can occur from childhood, the number of mutated cells increases with age, to the extent that people over 70 years represent a significant proportion.

In this regard, the leader of the work, Seishi Ogawa, explained to the foreign media that, Despite the progressive growth of cells with tumor mutations, the risk of developing cancer is low. "We could confirm that in the case of smokers and heavy drinkers, the process of accumulation of mutations significantly accelerates, which suggests that these environmental factors are critical in the risk of developing this type of tumor," he added.

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