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Download the time application from one of the best launches

It fails: you only need to book a few days of rest or weekend rest, so the weather forecast is rainy or cold. This is one of the reasons why it always works well has a time application installedyou also get time warnings or find out if you need to go to the umbrella. Now, what apartment of time to choose?

In Free Android We recommend many applications of this type: not only because we love them, but also because we know the enormous interest they are getting. Of course, we must be careful and choose only applications that are recognizable, as is the case for us today: Apex Weather.

Does the name Apex sound familiar? True, this time application was developed by the same creators of the excellent Apex Launcher, one of the best in its class for Android. So, you can imagine where the footage will go: nice design, good features, compatibility with accessories so you can put them in a launcher … It's not a bad option.

Apex Weather, the basic time application with almost all the data you need

Download the time application from one of the best Android launchers

It will not reveal the genre of time applications, but neither does it tend to: Apex Weather It offers data per hour, per day, the interface is simple and with animated elements, there are graphs of temperature, moon and radars with data like temperature or rain. All available with vertical scroll; with the ability to add new sliding locations to the left.

Apex Weather offers timely warnings be careful if rain or accident occurs. Everything is within the usual, though with a special mention of time accessories: supported by a myriad of plugins that were already compatible, this time application allows you to customize your desktop in many different ways. Always access a separate download from the Google Play store.

Download the time application from one of the best Android launchers

As a free application that is, Apex Weather There are ads that slide into the interface of the application. They are not overly annoying, at least until one of them jumps in full screen; Something that happens when you launch the application, for example. It's a pity that it does not offer an option to buy the application and eliminate the annoying ads, or the inferior news choice. Surely many users of the application will appreciate it, like us.

An application that does not abuse permissions, do ads and unfiltered news

Apex Weather uses the location and nothing else: it's the only thing that registers. This gives enough guarantees that the application shares data according to its privacy policy; something that can be avoided by justice manually select the locations by removing the geolocation permission.

It's an application that works pretty well, no matter how simple it is. The logs do not bother more, although the news from the bottom of the main screen is not in place: they have no filter and can not be removed. It is one of the most negative points of time application which, on the other hand, is highly recommended. It's a great addition, if you've already used it Apex Launcher.


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It takes 4.1 and newer

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