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Dorado de Maradona lost the final and could not be crowned

December 3, 2018

Despite the big campaign he made with the Sinaloa team, Maradona failed to win the championship and the opportunity for promotion.

Maradona Dorado final

And that can not be. Diego Armando Maradona and his team Dorado de Sinaloa they failed to cite the advantage gained in the first game and they were without the title of opening the Ascent MX after a loss of 4-2 to Atletico San Luis.

From minute zero, the two teams raised a game with a lot of intensity and much back and forth. San Luis with a bigger initiative for a negative result (0-1) in the first game, while Gold trying to seize the space left by the local defense. You should remember that Diego Maradona he must have seen the match from the tribunal due to expulsion suffered in the previous game after a verbal argument with the rival coach and the referee.

At 32 minutes, the Big Fish He took the lead with an Argentine goal. Jorge Cordoba Defined by the free goal after excellent lead and help from his teammate Vinicio Angulo. For the additional time of the first phase, Nicolás Ibañez He leveled the score for the local before taking a halftime.

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In the first minutes of the second half, the set from Diego Maradona they returned to advance in the result in order Edson Rivera who threw the ball after a broken shot from Escobos which hit the stick. In 20 minutes, Diego Barbosa on Gold tried to drop the center in their area and ended up becoming targets against and re-leveling the game.

When Dorado began to recover in the game, Jan Gonzalez scored the third goal for the locals with a header at 30 '. In this way, San Luis He used it for the first time in the game and coincided with the series.

Minute minutes and equality in the series forced to continue with extra time. In 14 minutes from the first overtime, another Argentine Leandro Gabriel Torres defined crossed before the goalkeeper exit Gaspar Servio and he put 4-2 to Atletico San Luis.

Of course, San Luis the champion of the Ascent MH was consecrated and will have the opportunity to receive the promotion in the First Division of Mexican Football.

Maradona he arrived in the city Sinaloa to take it Gold who was in the last position at the table and as he said at his first press conference: "We did not come to rest, we came to work". Based on work and motivation, the Argentine star, together with his assistant, Luis Islas and all the coaching staff succeeded in changing the line of Big Fish classifying it in the first instance to Ligula and then depositing it at the end of it.

But the results did not accompany them Ten and his team in this last match, and prevented Gold raise the trophy and Maradona was made from his first title as a coach. Despite this, the entire Sinaloa scored great results and made an unexpected campaign before the arrival of the Argentine coach.

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