Monday , August 2 2021

Does Barcelona coach go to the end of the season?

Technical Director of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, gave an extensive interview with the official Barca TV channel to see the years gone by and also to analyze the challenges that come up in the 2019 challenge. However, the bank's leader of the deputies of the team of Lionel Messi He was not sure when he was asked about his continuity for the next season. Your current contract expires in June and you have the possibility to continue for another year.

"Who knows what to do next season. I never think about what is long-term or long-term. I want everyone to be good and satisfied with my work. We will not lie. You do not get the League and everyone sees the coach. I demand that we fulfill the goals and, as we have so much left, we will see what will happen. This is a continuous learning. Every day something happens, you have to adapt to everything. Our priority is for the club to work, for the team to play well and for people to be happy. Our work is always analyzed with apocalories. No one comes to your skin before the matches. I'm trying to learn from all this, "reflected the 54-year-old coach.

As for the European winter holidays market, which is already open to the Catalans, Valverde said: "We were fair in the central position because of the injuries of Samuel Umtiti and Thomas Vermanen. Serpents with Roberto Roberto The defense has more problems. As for the arrival of Jason Murillo, we were looking for an experienced player who could immediately join. It was a priority. This player can help us, because the games of the League and the Cup come quickly. We are in an emergency. "

On the other hand, and as usually happens at press conferences, Barca's technician was asked about the importance of the rosary's crest in the team: "What will stand out from him is the degree of responsibility he has towards the team. He wants to play as soon as he comes out of the injury, he always appears, has a great mental power to be there permanently. I have not seen anyone else. If you are motivated by the Champions? He is aware of what fans love. It's a competition where you can not have a mistake. In addition, the degree of effectiveness that "Lion" has with errors is very high. It is normal for the rivals to try to minimize it and we will open the way by placing people on the barrier, for example … ".

Ultimately, Valverde emphasized the virtues of the French striker Ousman Dembele, despite having several problems of indiscipline outside the court: "Drivers are indispensable in any equipment. Sometimes they surprise you in other things, it goes into the package. But that's so. Football is not just a game. At a given moment, there must be players who face the opponent. They are very valuable. Sometimes we are talking a lot about taking lines, but in the end, we have to take the ball to players like Dembele. "

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