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Doctor Enrique Cairo has died

Doctor Enrique Cairo died this Wednesday at dawn at the age of 83. He was the head of the private hospital's medical clinic service and a member of a leading family in private hospital health care in the city of Cordoba.

Enrique, 83, who had five children – four of whom are doctors today – was the son of one of the institution's founders, Augustan Cairo.

Professionals from the health center of the Velez Searsfield Park neighborhood remembered it yesterday with a special fondness, not only for their medical and teaching activities in the private, but also for their health action in Champagne.

"Enrique represents the best clinical learning," he summed up, in a dialogue with The voice, Ricardo Pickensteiner, Director of the Private Hospital.

"Not only was he a professor of medicine, but he was a person who managed to convey all the other values ​​a physician must have: love, empathy, solidarity, sacrifice, study and accessibility," he added.

Pickensteiner also noted that "from an academic point of view, he was a man of exceptional ability to convey to the person a different way of making drugs."

For his part, Emilio Crespo, Cairo's companion in the section "Emmitritus of the Private," described him as "endowed with a very special personality because he combined the paradox of a being of immense magnitude embedded in the clothes of true calm". "As we know, humility comes from the Latin, humlitas, which means veresundy, modesty; but it is also a humus or ferment of the earth, "he added. And he concluded: "It is true the fertile spirit of that country that animated the nourishing roots of Enrique Cairo's humanitarian and warm personality."

His remains will be buried at Minoli (Rafael Nice Avenue) by 5.30pm.

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