Tuesday , May 11 2021

Do you think you are intolerant of lactose? Before you leave the dairy, consult a doctor

Abdominal pain, swelling or diarrhea after consume dairy products may be typical symptoms of intolerance for lactose. However, if you do not boil milk products well, you should not stop eating immediately. Ideally, the doctor should establish a diagnosis.

Problems with digestion may be due to other factors, such as other types of food or stress. There are tests that the doctor can determine if the problem is really lactose.

And is it in favor of primary intolerance? of genetic factors, there is another variant: there are people who do not tolerate lactose well for damaged mucous membrane the intestines.

If the mucous membrane gets back, you can continue to consume the milk without any problems. By contrast, people with primary intolerance have no other option than customize your diet.

Nor would it be necessary to suspend full milk or milk. People with lactose intolerance usually tolerate up to 250 milliliters of milk at the same time and up to 500 milliliters are spread throughout the day. Sometimes it is enough to choose foods with less lactose. On cheese and yogurt, for example, contain less lactose than fresh milk.

As recommended at the beginning of this article, what is essential is medical consultation to determine specifically what is the origin of the gastric problem.

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